Health Care Providers for RSI Patients

Computer users and musicians who experience the aches and pains that may signal a potentially dangerous Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, are always advised to see a doctor without delay for evaluation and treatment.

But what if you don't have a regular doctor, or your health care provider does not seem to know much, if anything, about the diagnosis and treatment of R.S.I? Many persons now find themselves in this frightening situation.

This is a non-commercial, voluntary effort to address this problem with list of specific practitioner references and general suggestions. Most have been contributed by RSI patients, and many more have been compiled from other sources. All sources are explained at the start of the practitioner list.

If you HAVE received competent and knowledgable care for RSI, please consider sharing information about your health care provider with people who are in sore need of one. E-mail this information (names, city, office phone numbers), and any other hints about finding good RSI care, to me. ONLY THE HEALTH CARE PROVIDER INFORMATION will be added to this list; each contributors' name and e-mail address will be stripped out and permanently discarded to maintain privacy.


I can do NO verification of any kind on the suggestions I receive. This file is ONLY a raw list of patients' recommendations and must be used with the great caution one should bring to all health care decisions. A listing here is NOT the same as a professional referral and I disclaim any responsibility for decisions made on the basis of this information. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you check any references here out with your local medical or professional associations to confirm they are reputable practitioners. Your library may also have professional listings in their reference section.

Other Useful Information . . .

(Note: I'm aware that the following list of resources is getting very long and chaotic, but it is well worth your while to look through it . . . there are quite a number of other doctor "lists" and indices and professional organization websites here that may go a long way towards helping you find the caregiver you need.
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