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Patient Recommendation

t took trying out a few different chiropractors before I found one that I liked. Frank Greenberg in Arlington, Texas. He respected my own knowledge about my condition and worked with me on the areas I knew needed help. The other (rejected) chiropractors did two things wrong:
1. relied on that little metal thingie to go up and down my spine..... sorry, but I don't buy that it works.
2. another worked in his own way, ignoring the area I said needed help. Her was fixated on the way my legs/feet laid and adjusted my back (with a metal thingie) based on the way my feet were resting. He ignored the fact that my problem was C6/7 T1 (shown on x-rays).
Greenberg also adjusted my wrists, thumbs, and lower back, depending on what *I* tell him is going on. He didn't try to get me in 3-4 times a week. We did one month at once a week, and now it's just once a month. In a nutshell, he *listens* to me, and I don't get the impression he wants to drain my bank account. Instead of poking me with the "activator?," he contorts me, twists me, jumps on me, body slams me.... all for $20 a visit... and it's working very well.

Patient Recommendation

>I'm trying to find a >> >physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon here in Austin, Texas. Anybody i've had a lot of luck with stella torres at capital hand and physical therapy. 512-302-3922 do you have anthem insurance thru ut? she is on the ppo list.

Patient Recommendation

Austin, Texas
Three years ago I saw a handfull of doctors and one chiro and finally ended up seeing Dr. Eduardo Elizondo. I highly recommend him. His number is 476-3399. Let me know how it goes.


F.J. Dallal D.C. 909 HOUSTON ST. CASTOVILLE. TX 830-538-2126 Serving Alignment and Body Usage Adjusting. The power that made us from two microscopic cells is still inside and does a better job of fixing things whenever or Posture and Body usage create no or less stress. Gravity Oxygen are very powerfull powers that we have control of their influence better with correct posture and better body usage, i think!
Posture is the main attention and helping them adjust their posture in the office as well as on the job developing a good posture habit has been very helpfull.

KM writes: ... Hope this is helpful. Two therapists that practice a very effective form of work called NeuroStructural Integration Technique or NST are in Dallas. Their names are Brenda Holcomb 214-679-4618 email: holcombs@prodigy.net and Larry Sandberg 972-233-8833 email healthybody@ev1.net I don't know them but have taken classes in the work(it's an offshoot of Bowen technique) so I know it's effective. They probably will be able to help.
> I am looking for RSI success stories in the Dallas, Texas area.
> Specifically I would like to know what Doctors and/or Physical Therapists
> helped you.

Dr Kee Fedak
1939 Arlington stadium Oaks studio 101
Arlington, TX 76011
817 303 7770

Patient Recommendation

I have had both carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel. My best recommendation for the Dallas area is Dr. Robert Wilcox. He can be reached at 972-985-7474 and is located in Plano. He did surgery on my hands for carpel tunnel, and since he is a plastic surgeon also, there were no visible scars left and my carpel tunnel was treated successfully. He is now treating me for cubital tunnel but treatment has not yet been completed.

Patient Recommendation

I have been seeing "Gail Blom". She is Certified Hand Therapist.

Covenent Hand Therapy
1101 Ohio Dr #105
Plano, TX 75093
Tel: (972) 599-9594
I could't find any good doctor, in Dallas area, who understands RSI. Just got physiotherapy prescription from one of the orthopaedic surgeon and started with PT.
Doctor Referred

One of the best (clinics) is the Texas Center for Music and Medicine at Univ. North Texas - Fort worth under Bernard Rubin, MD.


(Note: Dr. Clearman was previously listed the MSM Appendix B

as being at the The Southwest Regional Arts Medicine Center's Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, which no longer exists. Her updated information follows:

I can be reached at the address and phone below. Please note that there is also a FREE clinic for performing and visual artists every month. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all the people you help!

Texas Arts Medicine Center
5219 Caroline
Houston, TX 77004-5803
713-524-1115 fax
Rebecca Clearman MD
Medical Director

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Kim White R.N. B.S.M.
Myotherapy & Fitness of Texas
5740 W. Little York, Ste. 222
Houston, TX 77091

Patient Recommendation

I would like to add a doctor to the findadoc list for Houston, Texas.

Dr. Alan Rosen of the KSF Orthopaedic Center. Here is their website:

Their hand specialist is Dr. Alan Rosen. 

At the same clinic:
Dr. Samuel John Alianell, M. D. , 37, is one of a growing number of physicians practicing the medical specialty called physiatry. Physiatrists are doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The focus of the specialty is restoring function to people suffering from traumatic or repetitive stress injuries that cause pain or limit their physical capabilities.

Patient Recommendation

I am in Houston.  I would recommend checking out: http://www.mysurgeon.com/hand/physicians/gabel.htm This is the Dr. I see for RSI.

Patient Recommendation

I saw Dr. Kent Dickson numerous times. He didn't heal me but he examined me and advised as best he could. He specializes in upper extremities. He didn't claim to know everything and had a hint of compassion.

Dr. Kent Dickson
500 W. Main Street suite 200
lewisville, TX 75067
there is a musicians Clinic in Arlington. He has been doing ultrsasound with me-  helps but doesn't cure completely. I am not seeking docs so much  anymore just trying to manage. I am not doing too bad. the doc (Chiropractor)in arlington is :  Dr. Kee Fedak - 817.303.7770. let me know how it goes.

Somebody was asking about resources in the San Antonio area. I've just found a Hand Institute website which seems to say all the right things. It's run by an orthopedic group based in Houston & San Antonio. Website is http://www.mysurgeon.com/ and follow the link to "institutes". Hopestar Orthopedic Group is on McCulloch Ave, phone 225-5741.

I live here in San Antonio and have had 2 hand surgeries done here. I have also checked out the web site you mention and there is a lot more offered here than what is available on the web. For instance, Dr. Green the leading hand surgeon and author of "Green's Operative Hand" and many more books lives here in San Antonio. He has also operated on David Robinson the center of the San Antonio Spurs. Also Dr. Paul Pace, yes of the Pace picante family, resides here in San Antonio and has a hand clinic at the downtown Nix hospital. You can find just about any medical specialist here. San Antonio is a medical and military city with the infamous Brooke Army Medical Center which burn unit services patients from around the world.

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