MSM Appendix B

These are reproduced with permission from Appendix B of the excellent book: THE MUSICIAN'S SURVIVAL MANUAL: A Guide to Preventing and Treating Injuries in Instrumentalists. by Richard Norris, M.D. International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians, 1993. ISBN 0-918812-74-7 MMBMUSIC,INC. Many instrumentalists' injuries described therein are very similar to typing RSIs, and practitioners treating them should be able to help computer users as well. Thanks to Dr. Rob Maher for scanning this appendix, and especial thanks to Dr. Norris for his permission to reproduce it.

The preface to this appendix carries the following comments by Dr. Norris: "The following list of clinics was compiled from various journal newsletter, and conference sources. It is intended for informational use only and does not imply any endorsement by the author. The clinics are listed alphabetically by state, followed by foreign clinics Please note that some of these facilities are full-service clinics, while others are primarily referral services. For further information, please contact the specific clinic."