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Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Nancy Lake Bleam
Loretta J. Shann
Myotherapy Center
2200 Hamilton St.
Allentown, PA 18104

Patient Recommendation

I am having good success with my therapist surpana damany [author of it's not carpal tunnel syndrome)" I'd like to recomend her to others at my place of work (software company) who are getting rsi symptoms, but they may not want to make the one hour and forty minutes trek to Allentown, PA.

I also went to see Suparna Damany in Allentown, PA for two months this summer. I haven't heard of any one else quite like Suparna. She has a lot of experience with serious, computer-related RSI. People come from all over to see her. She is also very hands on and works to really break up the knots and spasms in your muscles and then slowly retrain them to handle strengthening. I've had RSI for years and really needed someone like Suparna to get me out of the rut and start seriously increasing my computer time. I moved up from about 1 hour a day to 3+ a day (every day), which is huge for me. I used to only be able to type 10 min. a day.

Suparna Damany

Patient Recommendation

I can recommend Dr. Jay Talsania at Allentown Orthopaedic Assoc. near Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pa. while he, along with other docs, do not always have the magic cure, he does believe in RSI and will recommend appropriate western as well as eastern medical treatments.

Hellerworker trained by Sharon Butler:

Lansdale- Connie Keener, Registered Nurse. Ph: 215-997-8056

Self Referred

The Upper Extremity Institute
"Emphasizing Conservative Care of Injuries to
the Neck, Arm, and Hand"
180 West Germantown Pike Suite B-1
East Norriton, PA 19401
Phone us toll free at 1-800-Nerve-55
Send us a fax at 1-610-277-2007
Dr. Scott M. Fried and Dr. David E. Reinhardt

Patient Recommendation

"For thorough init dx, I'd highly recommend Dr. Scott Fried in Blue Bell
PA(610-277-1990, - caring, thorough D.O. with 17+ years exp dealing
w/arm/shoulder/neck issues incl RSI, esp neuro TOS.

He looked over all my previous records I brought in, dictated a summary of
past med history, then did a thorough init exam from neck to fingertips to  r/o
or dx anything from hand up through neck, esp nerve issues like CTS, neuro
TOS, etc.  Init exam took about 4 hours (incl custom soft splints for my CTS, and
multiple x-rays).

Although ortho hand surgeon, he only does surgery as last resort, prefers
non-surgical tx (both std and alternative tx, incl careful PT, massage,
biofeedback, etc.).

His PT staff's conservative tx for TOS/B Plexus issues closely matches that
rec by Dr. Richard Sanders, a TOS expert in CO - stretches, nerve glides, no
over-aggressive strengthening exercises

The total fee for init exam (mainly X-ray costs for mult wrist/neck XRs) was
around $1400, but well worth it - most thoro and helpful xm I've ever had.  He
might also be able to recommend good PT closer to your area, esp if you have
brachial plexus/neuro TOS issues (apparently many PT places know how treat CTS
and sports injuries, but don't know how to treat brachial plexus/neuro TOS
issues properly - acc to Dr. Sanders, many standard PT approaches such as
aggressive strengthening can worsen TOS).  I'd call ASAP for info or to set up appt,
as he can get booked for a while.

If you have neck/shoulder symptoms or numbness/tingling in hands, please make
sure to see him or someone else who can diagnose TOS - quite serious if left
untreated or mistaken for something else. "

Another posting on Dr. Fried: " If you're in or near Pennsylvania, I'd highly recommend Dr. Scott Fried in Blue Bell (610-277-1990, He's an osteopathic hand specialist with many years of experience dealing with RSIs, and the best doctor I've had so far in my 10 or so years of dealing with RSI issues - initial exam took about two hours(between reviewing old records and thorough hands-on exam), and diagnosed multiple RSI issues, including a serious case of brachial plexitis (probably another name for neurological TOS), which was then confirmed by the most thorough EMG I ever had (1 1/2 to two hours, included brachial plexus area), then by SSEP by an area top specialist in this form of testing. He appears to have good knowledge of/experience dealing with brachial plexus/neurological TOS issues. If not, he also gives free e-mail consultations at -- he might know of a thorough RSI specialist in your area who is also familiar with TOS (which can be generally more serious than ulnar nerve entrapment, and so needs to be treated properly if present, or ruled out by a thorough exam by someone who knows what they're doing (no three-minute wonder docs!)"

Hellerworker trained by Sharon Butler:

Paoli- Sharon Butler, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner.
Practice location: Paoli, PA (suburbs of Philadelphia)
Office phone number (for scheduling appointments only): 610-812-6276

Hellerworker trained by Sharon Butler:

Perkasie- Barbara Hopkins, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner. Ph: 215-249-0672

Patient Recommendation

I live in California but I am aware of a place in Philadelphia called "The Philadelphia Hand Centers" phone #215-629-0980.

Patient Recommendation

If you are going to the Philadelphia Hand Centers you need to see either Dr. A. Lee Ostermann or Dr Randall Culp.
I went to see Dr. Randall Culp at the Philadelphia Hand Centers for a 2nd opinion on complications I encountered from a carpal tunnel surgery I had done elsewhere. He was the only dr of the many I saw that had even a clue what my problem was -- a neuroma in the palm -- and he competently laid out what my options were, both surgical and non-surgical. I didn't end up having any surgery done because I didn't think it was worth it, so I can't vouch for his expertise there, but he at least seemed very knowledgeable.

Here is a cautionary review of Dr. Culp. PLEASE SEE THIS NOTE regarding negative comments found in this document.
I Went to the hand center in Feb. Of 1998, For a second opinion. I was said to have ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow. My problems had been going o for over a year and started with a frozen shoulder with numbness of the 4th and 5th fingers. Also ice cold hand and electric like shocks down the whole arm. My appointment with DR Culp was for 10am. When I got to the Hand center at 9:30am (Had two hour drive) you had to sign on a standard 8x10 paper . I was the last name on the list, And all the patients where for DR Culp? This worried me from the start of my visit to DR. Culp. For the most part I was seen my a student of Dr. Culp. When DR. Culp came in I did not see him for more 5 minutes. He was in and out so fast I did not know what happen. It took three weeks for a three page written report to come back to my Doctor. I could never figure How Dr. Culp could have gotten a three page report with the time he spent with me? I had elbow surgery and It did not help because my problem was TOS and RSD, Now in both arms. Maybe if Dr. Culp had spent a little time with me He could have figured this Out. This was A WC Case and my impression of the Hand Center was a big WC factory get them in and out.

Patient Recommendation

Philadelphia PA - Philadelphia Hand Centers

I went for a comprehensive evaluation there. I saw Dr. Hunter (who must be on the edge of retirement) and a younger doctor training with him. I've read papers written by doctors a the Hand Center and been impressed by them. Them seem to know a lot about nerve entrapment, and have some somewhat unconventional surgical approaches to CTS and TOS, though I didn't get the impression they were surgery-happy. They also have procedures for doing nerve conduction testing under stressed conditions that supposedly show things other test procedures miss. I was warned that the office is extremely disorganized and it takes a full day to deal with your appointment. (They also lost my advance paperwork and failed to be responsive to a billing problem.) The examination itself seemed quite competent. I didn't follow up because all this amounted to a second opinion in my case. Probably worthy of consideration, though I obviously can't vouch for their long term treatment.

Patient Recommendation

Philadelphia PA - Philadelphia Hand Centers

A piece of letterhead suggests the Philadelphia Hand Centers has the following locations:

The Benjamin Franklin House
834 Chestnut Street, Suite G114
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 629-0980

700 South Henderson Road, Suite 200
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 265-3135

9892 Bustleton Avenue, Suite 303
Philadelphia, PA 19115
(215) 698-2144

1503 North lansdowne Avenue, Suite 3007
Darby, PA 19023
(610) 586-9440

I believe the main office/scheduling center can be
reached via 1-800-971-HAND.

The following doctors are listed on said letterhead:
  John S. Taras
  A. Lee Osterman
  John M. Bednar
  Randall W. Culp
  James S. Raphael

I believe that the same doctors visit:

The South Jersey Hand Center
1025 Briggs Road
Suite 144
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
(609) 840-1050

...I have been a patient at the Philadelphia and South Jersey Hand Centers. The Philadelphia office is downtown; my appointment was at the end of the day. Parking was expensive and I got caught in rush hour traffic going home. After that I went to the Cherry Hill office, though there is also one in Blackwood. I use Dr. John Bednar--was first sent to him after I injured my hand in a car accident. Found him wise and compassionate and willing to listen. Had extensive examinations, including grip strength tests, something my other orthopod didn't do. Was sent for physical therapy and during the therapy sessions symptoms of CTS appeared. I'd already had CTS release surgery on the other hand and wasn't happy with the results; wanted to avoid it on the left hand if possible. Eventually I had one cortisone shot and was fairly symptom free for 3 years. Just went back to him again as symptoms peaked in both hands again. (Probably related to a non-functioning thyroid...something I had just found out about..and LOTS of stress.) This center has been involved in the testing of the ballon carpal tunnel-plasty device. Don't know whether it's still going on or not, but it may be an alternative to surgery, shots, etc. Appointments were not difficult to get...I was seen about a week after calling for one. However, I've found the office staff a little disorganized, but helpful. The Cherry Hill office is centered in a physical therapy/rehab facility and shares offices with the center. I think some of the patients can/do receive therapy there; however, I used a hand therapy specialist in the Atlantic City area.

Again, cautionary remarks, covered under this disclaimer.

The Philadelphia Hand Center staff was disorganized and rude. The physical therapists I was seeing before I set up an appointment with them said they see many of their patients, but haven't seen a TOS person recover. I then set up an appointment, and I tried to get Hunter or Culp. The nearest appointment I could get was over 3 months away. During that period, my problem worsened to the point where I had to do something. I ended up at Dr. Pascarelli's door. Since that time, I have had an in-law who is a machinist/mechanic laborer encounter double carpal tunnel (a.k.a. TOS) and was operated on by the infamous Hand Center. He was very optimistic and felt great after the agony of P.T. only to have his symptoms return in under one year. I do not think that this group thinks outside the box, they have traditional training which is too narrow for the rsi problem.

MSM Appendix B

The Arts Medicine Center
1721 Pine St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 928-8300
Director: Dr. Robert Sataloff
Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program

AOEC Member

University of Pittsburgh
130 DeSoto Street, Room A729 Clinic Founded 1982
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261

AOEC Contact: David Tollerud, MD, MPH 412-624-3155 FAX 412-624-3040

AOEC Member

Univ. of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Clinic Founded: 1996 Silverstein Pavilion, 3400 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283 AOEC clinics have extensive experience with soft tissue injuries and take a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment. That is, each patient is examined by a team of practitioners who then huddle and draw up a plan.

Patient Recommendation

Where: Pittsburgh, PA
Who: Dr. David Stone at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Sports Medicine, 412/578-3300.
Satisfaction level (1 is bad, 100 is good): 70
Comments: Not an RSI specialist, but definitely better than the other folks I've seen here. If you see Dr. Stone, prepare by figuring out what exactly (positions/activities) exacerbate your symptoms, and then present him with this information; He's good at figuring out problems, but his inventory of tests seems a little small. Also, I had to ask for PT before it was prescribed. Request Marnie for PT if possible. She's brusque, but seems to know what she's doing. I've been getting better since seeing her.

Hellerworker trained by Sharon Butler:

WArminster- Christine Keener, Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist. Ph: 215-672-1543

AOEC Member

Center for Occupational & Environmental Health
Abington Memorial Hospital
2510 Maryland Road, Suite 101 Clinic Founded 1991
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania 19090

AOEC Contact: Lora S. Regan, MD, MPH 215-881-5904 FAX 215-881-5920 Medical Director