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" I found a link that sounds hopeful for anyone in the NC area. Duke university (google musculo-skeletal disorders) have MDs who actually believe RSI exists. Imagine that. I have not talked to the specialist in this area yet, but one of the doctors in his department said yes, they realize something is going on even when there is nothing on the xrays or mris. Makes me feel a little less nuts. "

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Kathleen McDonald-Waddell R.N.
Partners In Health Family Clinic
P.O. Box 1226
Aberdeen, N.C. 28315
910 944 7777


Dr. Brad Batchelor Chiropractor
483 Hwy 105 Ext.
Boone, N.C. 28607
704 264 0140 fax 704 262 1182 e-mail
Doctor Batchelor practices in the Mountains of N.C. and cares for hundreds of people using the latest methods available. Dr. Batchelor cares for many R.S.I. patients especially carpal tunnel. Dr. B utilizes the new Malley Exposer, a device used to measure alignment of the wrist bones (carpals) for alignment and their potential to place pressure on the nerves of the wrist. complete rehab., carpal manipulation and therapy is available with excellent results.

Patient Recommendation

Deb Lindsay, Occupational Therapist, Registered/Licensed Occupational Therapist, CHT
Pro Active Therapy
218 Ashville Ave., Suite 20
Cary, NC 919-851-9199
This O/T did deep tissue massage on me, which helped. She explained a lot about posture, movement, force, thinking about ways to do tasks differently. She didn't dislike the Pascarelli book.

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I was seen by Dr. Bevins at the UNC Hand Rehabilitation Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 919-966-1056. Thomas Gilliam, an upper extremity specialist at the Hand Center, did most of the testing on my hands, made suggestions of ways I could improve how I work, etc. Both were very professional and good, IMO.

2002 - I've been informed Dr. Bevins has retired. PMx

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there is a new department of Physical Medicine and Rehab at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC. The Head of the department if Dr. Michael Lee. His is my physiatrist (and my husband's!). His office number is 919-966-8812. Good luck!

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Rochelle Rodriguez, Registered/Licensed Occupational Therapist, CHT
Carolina Hand and Occupational Therapy
1777 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Ste. 204
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 933-6255 (919) 967-6932 FAX

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Dr. Sam Moon
Division of Environmental and Occupational Medicine
Duke University Medical Center
Box 2914
Durham, NC 27710 (919) 286-3232 (919) 286-1021 FAX
Chris Martin - Secretary
Office: Erwin Square, Suite 700 (2200 W. Main St.)

A different patient Comments about Dr. Sam Moon: (see this note regarding unfavorable reviews of practitioners, please . . . .)

I saw Dr. Sam Moon once in the fall of 2003. He gave me a detailed examination for about 2 hours, and told me his results. Though the examination was thorough, the consultation was very expensive and I didn't feel I learned anything that I could not have learned online. He also didn't put me on any specific course of treatment, only referring me to an Occupational Therapist. He was fairly negative about the massage therapy I was doing, and I got the strong impression he would not have recommended this on his own. It seems that massage therapy, though very effective in treating RSI, is not generally recognized as a legitimate treatment. For example, it is not generally covered by insurance plans. I told him all the things I was doing to treat myself, and he had little to add to that. I think that most doctors don't know enough about RSI to be worth the cost, and in any case the practice of modern Western medicine is more oriented towards drugs and surgery than something like RSI. In this case, Dr. Moon is a highly qualified expert in the field of Occupational Medicine, and clearly knows a great deal about RSI, but I still did not find him very useful. I feel that an RSI sufferer would be better off with someone like a good massage therapist, who would be able to give them more attention at less cost. A good starting point for learning aout RSI is the internet and particularly the Sorehand mailing list (

Patient Recommendation

Contact Information:

Sandra Barber,
Heartfelt Touch,
Northgate Mall
Durham, NC
Tel: (336)-364-1448
Email: sandy @ heartfelttouch . net
Web Site:

I'm writing this recommendation for Sandra Barber, a massage therapist who works out of her office in Northgate Mall in Durham. I developed RSI symptoms in the hands and shoulders in the early summer of 2003 brought on by computer overuse and poor posture. After several months of worsening symptoms, I was referred to Ms. Barber by one of her patients. I started going to Ms. Barber for 1/2 hr. sessions from 2nd October 2003. For a while, I was going twice a week. With an improvement in my condition, I reduced this to once a week from the 23rd of December. I am currently (May 2004) going around once a fortnight. While my symptoms have not disappeared, they are much less than they were when I started going to Ms. Barber, and I must credit her with much of the improvement in my condition. Despite what some doctors say about it, I believe that massage therapy is valuable in the treatment of RSI, if you can find a capable practitioner. The other measures I have taken are stretching exercises, partly based on Sharon Butler's book "Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome", improvements in workstation setup, and yoga. Ms. Barber is an experienced and competent massage therapist, and has a good understanding of muscular structure. She has been very helpful in making suggestions about exercises to do, tips on proper posture etc., and is generally willing to take the time to talk and answer questions. Her fees are reasonable, currently at $33 for 1/2 hr, $55 for 1 hr.
Patient Recommendation

Mary B. Cochran, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
Somatic Learning Center
3021 Essex Circle, Building B
Raleigh, NC 27608 (919) 782-6931
Mary has been certified by the Feldenkrais Guild since 1986. Both her Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement classes have helped me a great deal.

Patient Recommendation

I live in Raleigh. I've been seeing Lori von Alten at Progress Physical Therapy near Rex Medical Center. She is really great with strengthening and posture work. She is all hands on and really teaches you the form you need to do exercises. She doesn't focus on computer RSI (she focuses on a range of PT issues), but I think she does a great job and I'd definitely recommend her.

Lori von Alten site

I saw Lori both before and after seeing Suparna. She's sort-of re-tuned the exercises since I came back and is helping me to maintain and continue my improvement. I am so happy to have someone like her locally.

MSM Appendix B

Dr. David Goode
3000 Bethesda Place, Suite 102
Winston-Salem, NC 27103-3323 (919) 760-0120