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Patient Recommendation

I saw Dr Kevin Wall through Health Partners, think he is really from St. Paul Ramsey clinic, St. Paul, now called Regions Hospital. He was good, supportive very occupational medicine focus.
However, I got my diagnosis, (pronator teres syndrome) from

Dr. Richard Hills,Physical Therapist and Doctor of Chiropractic,
Director, Rehabilitation Clinic
Northwester College of Chiropractic
2501 West Eighty-Fourth Street
Bloomington, MN 55431-1599
Phone 612-885-5404

Very unusual combination - I think he's Very Good.
Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Thomas G. Benson
Benson Pain Prevention Center
504 108th Ave., NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55408

Patient Recommendation

Dr. Paul Gannon  Cardiovascular/Thoracic Vascular Surgeon
Vascular Surgery Associates
3960 Coon Rapids Blvd., Suite 216
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Dr. Robin Crandall
Orthopedic Partners
Fridey, MN. 

MSM Appendix B

Instrumental Artists Hotline and Clinic
Sister Kenny Institute
800 E. 28th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 863-4495
Director: Dr. Jeanine Speier

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Lois C. Sjogren Minnesota Myotherapy and Fitness 601 W. 28th St Minneapolis, MN 55408 612-872-6935

MSM Appendix B

Mayo Clinic
200 Second St.
Rochester, MN 55905 (5O7) 284-2511 X 7129
Contact: Dr. Ann Schutt

Patient Recommendation

I live in Rochester, MN. I have seen Dr. Peter Amadio. An orthopedist at Mayo Clinic for the last 5+ years. The telephone number for the general appt office is 507-266-5800. They will lead you through the process to get an appt with a doctor. The general telephone number for Mayo Clinic is 507-284-2511.

Patient Recommendation

I highly recommend Dr. Peter Amadio, hand surgeon, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,Mn. He has done 5 different hand surgeries for me all successful and one for kienbock's disease on my son also successful. A very caring and talented surgeon. Mayo Clinic appointment nu. 507-266-5800

AOEC Member

Columbia Park Medical Group
Occupational Medicine Department
6401 University Avenue, NE #200 Clinic Founded 1980
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432

AOEC Contact: Donald Johnson, MD, MPH 612-572-5710 FAX 612-571-3008 Dorothy Quick

There is a Rolfer who is extremely knowledgeable about RSI in Minneapolis. Her name is Siana Goodwin and she can be reached at 612-722-0049. Siana is also an instructor for the Rolf Institute and has been in practice for many years. She has used her RSI techniques to save companies many millions of dollars in Worker's Comp insurance premiums by eliminating RSI's from the workplace. I highly recommend her.

Sharon Butler, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner

Patient Recommendation

I am in St. Paul. I highly recommend Orthopaedic Sports Inc or OSI. They have offices in Lake Elmo/Woodbury, White Bear, Maplewood, Forest Lake and Stillwater. I have seen Maureen Scanlon who is a hand/arm therapist. She is wonderful.

Patient Recommendation

I highly recommend OSI which is a PT center in the twin cities.  I see Steve
(back) in West St Paul and Maureen in Maplewood/Stillwater and White Bear

OSI= Orthopedic Sports Inc.

Patient Recommendation

I didn't get the original message for this, but I'm in Roseville. My therapist is Sue Wagner at Metropolitan Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation. They are in downtown St. Paul: 651-223-5406. I believe she is a PT/CHT. I've been very pleased with her. She spent a long time diagnosing my problems and was able to recreate all the painful spots I was having. We've done a number of things that have improved my condition (although it's not gone yet). There's also a bunch of other therapists at that clinic who would probably be good too.

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I was quite happy with my PT/CHT (certified hand therapist) Sue Wagner at:

Metropolitan Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation
Ritchie Medical Plaza
310 North Smith Ave Suite 130
St. Paul, MN 55102

"In the Twin Cities I strongly recommend a deep tissue massage therapist named Ken Youngberg . . ."
Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks
13911 Ridgedale Drive, Suite 255
Minnetonka, MN 55305 
Phone: 952-835-1531
Pager: 612-329-3327
Fax: 952-835-1453 
E-mail Us: info @ kytherapeuticbodyworks . com
Website: http://www.kytherapeuticbodyworks.com/ 

I do not have any knowledge of local Rolfers. I am not sure what your insurance or budget allows, but there are several places to go for massage.

I have a friend named Karen Kullman. The last I heard she was with Body Balance Healing Center: 651-222-2218. (400 Selby in St. Paul, right off of 94 and Kellogg/Dale) I know her personally and she is great.

There is also a WONDERFUL massage school that specializes in ALL kinds of massage. It is Sister Rosalind School of Massage. Since they have supervised students, the cost is lower. 651-228-0960 (St. Paul). They also have locations in Highland Park, Burnsville and Maplewood.

The 3rd alternative I could find is The Minneapolis School of Massage and Body Work. (220 Lowery Ave NE in Mpls.) 612-788-1320

I am willing to bet both schools will have some ideas about Rolfers and may even have a few themselves. (Also, you could try it at the schools for less and if you do not like it, you're not out too much money.)

AOEC Member

Ramsey Clinic
Occupational and Environmental Medicine &
Occupational Medicine Residency Training Program
640 Jackson Street Clinic Founded 1979
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-2595

AOEC Contact: Paula Geiger, Administrative Secretary 612-221-3771 FAX 612-221-8848 Steve Kirkhorn, MD

Patient Recommendation

My Chiro's name is Dr. Tim Whelan in White Bear Lake, MN. He has been practicing for only about 4 years or less. I think that is a good thing, in my case, because his recent schooling included dealing with RSI versus just the standard car accidents and hereditary problems. He charges $240 for 12 sessions, cash. Otherwise the fee is higher because he has to type up all the insurance co reports, etc, plus the delay in payment. He truly has the goal of eliminating pain in people with RSI. I highly recommend him.

Patient Recommendation

 I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, wrist and elbow tendinitis, ulnar nerve
damage and Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

 I HIGHLY recommend my Sports Medicine Gp in White Bear Lake, MN. His name is
Dr. David Thorson. I do not know if he is taking on new patients right now,
though. It cannot hurt to call. 651-426-6402 (option #3). He is with

 I have seen 2 decent ortho guys. One is Dr. Jeff Husband. He is affiliated
with Park Nicollet Clinics. He is very blunt and fair. The other is an IME
doc, HOWEVER, he is very good at surgery and is fair. His name is Dr. Mark
Falconer. I do not know what clinic he is affiliated with. You could call
EvaluMed (in Edina) and ask.

 Your best bet is to find a Sports Medicine GP. They tend to know more about
RSI's and dont cost the insurer as much as a specialist.

 If you need the name of an AWESOME physical therapy clinic in the Cities, I
recommend OSI or Orthopaedic Sports, Inc.  They have offices in Woodbury,
White Bear, Stillwater and Forest Lake. Worth the drive. (I recommend Maureen
and Steve P.)