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Patient Recommendation

I can't really help you with a chiropractor, but there is a trigger point massage therapist in Champaign who may be able to help you. His name is Doug Nelson, and he runs a very good sized practice called bodywork Associates. Their web site is

Patient Recommendation

might want to try dr. michael minieka in chicago. technically, i think his specialty is neurology, but he's a pretty aware and thorough doctor. I saw him a few times last year; he ended up referring me to an occupational therapist for strengthening and streching exercises. I probably would have continued to see him, but I moved to CA.

If you need a doctor I recommend Dr. Michael Minieka. I've been seeing him
for 10 years. He is a neurologists but specializes in RSIs. His contact
information is

		 201 E. Huron St
		 Galter  Suite 11-100
		 Chicago, IL
		 (312) 926-3731

Patient Recommendation

Towards the end of 1995, I saw Dr. Daniel J. Nagle, 448 East Ontario, Chicago, IL (312) 337-6960, who is affiliated with NorthWestern Memorial Hospital. He specializes in hands and upper extremities. After reading my history, taking an additional oral history, consulting old x-rays and taking new ones, he recommended a nerve conduction test, but immediately treated by DeQuerivain syndrome with a cortisone shot. We then discussed the possibility of surgery for my ulnar nerve problem as well as the first dorsal compartment pending test results. No question was too silly, too small or too "stupid" for Dr. Nagle. He answered every single question I asked, thoroughly explained the risks and benefits of surgery and did not treat me in a condescending manner. Last month Dr. Nagle performed cubital release, ulnar transposition and first dorsal compartment release surgeries on my left arm. I am currently undergoing physical therapy with Marcie Moran COTA/L, at his office. I know it's going to be a slow process but am expected to regain between 85 and 90% use of my hand. I trust Dr. Nagle and my physical therapist Marcie implicitly. Additionally, prior to surgery I spoke with several other therapists in his office regarding my post-surgical concerns. Little things you take for granted, such as how to put on a bra when your arm is casted at a 90 degree angle, how to floss your teeth. Granted these are not earth-shattering events, but everyone took time to answer my questions. Consequently, I was as prepared for the post-surgical experience as I was for surgery itself. I highly recommend Dr. Nagle to anyone with hand problems. The office does take worker's comp. My initial visit, including x-rays and a cortisone shot was $250. I have rarely met medical professionals who are as concerned with your whole being as these people.

To make a long story short, I found a hand expert -- Dr. Daniel Nagel -- in Chicago who has seen a great deal of strange problems. I felt Dr. Nagel read my chart carefully and talked to me very carefully about my long-standing upper extremity problems. He was smart, patient, and thorough. I know your problem is not hands, but a smart doctor or other provider with deep experience in upper extremity pain will know how to listen to you. I wouldn't say my problem has been solved, but I've made a lot of progress by combining medical care with alternative care and stress reduction, and I feel much better.

Patient Recommendation

if you are anywhere near Chicago, contact the rehab institute at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. They were a great, non-surgical help to me in my playing & computer work.

MSM Appendix B

Medical Program for Performing Artists
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
345 E. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 908-ARTS
Director: Dr. Alice Brandfonbrener

AOEC Member

Occupational Medicine Clinic
Cook County Hospital
720 South Wolcott Clinic Founded 1976
Chicago, Illinois 60612

AOEC Contact: Stephen Hessl, MD, MPH 312-633-5310 FAX 312-633-6442

AOEC Member

University of Illinois Occupational Medicine Program
840 S. Wood
P.O. Box 6998 M/C 678 Clinic Founded 1976
Chicago, Illinois 60612

AOEC Contact: Linda Forst, MD, MS, MPH 312-996-1063 FAX 312-996-1286 Stephen Hessl, MD, MPH

Patient Recommendation

If you live in Chicago, there is a very good FREE accupuncture/oriental medicine clinic on Montrose avenue, in Uptown (I don't recall the exact address, but its on the 2nd floor of the highrise building on the SEC of Hazel and Montrose. Evening hours until at least 8:30 or 9:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays; maybe other days, too). I found out about it from my son's babysitter who is a student clinician there.

Self Referred

The Occupational Health Service Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago has a "Health and the Arts Program".


835 South Wolcott Street
Room #E144
Chicago, Illinois

To schedule an appointment and to obtain additional information, please call:
(312) 996-7420

Patient Recommendation

I have worked with a good massage therapist in the Chicago area. She understands what we are going through. Her name is Janice Mertz. RN, NCTMB. She is located in Evanston, Illinois and can be reached at 847-491-1122 extension 15.

Patient Recommendation

I would recommend Dr. Rich Lyon, a chiropractor, in St. Charles, Il ( about 20 minutes east of Dekalb). his number is 630-584-5800

...I would recommend Dr. Rich Lyon, a chiropractor, who specializes in RSI. He has done wonders for my wife and others I have referred to him. His phone number is 630-377-7700.