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MSM Appendix B

Dr. Jochen Blum
Am Rosengarten 5
D-6500 Mainz
(011) 49-6131-839-482

MSM Appendix B

Music Medicine Clinic
The Conservatory of Bari
Bari, Italy
Director: Professor Alfredo Musajo-Somma, University of Bari
(for info: S. Edith Nicoletti, Via dei Chiavari 6, 00186 Roma, Italy 686-7957)

Self Referred

Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art 
(Institute of Physiology and Medicine of Art - Terrassa)
 You can contact us dailing this number: +34 93 784 47 75 or by e-mail
Ctra de Montcada 668, 08227 Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain) 

Patient Recommendation

I won't bore you with my story. You know. One day, pain in hands, lack of strength and agility, and all the stuff. After almost three years from one doctor to another, discarding CTS, receiving surgery (Kiloh-Nevin syndrome, they supposed, median nerve trapped by the elbow), I was decepted and stopped getting near a doctor.

Then I was told about this one who I'm going to recommend you. When you phone his clinic, you are asked if you are a musician. He is known for many members of Spanish orchestras, and he is specialized in helping musicians.

He didn't even put an eye on the EMGs, nuclear resonances or any of the thousand analysis I have brought. He listened to me, then explored my hands and concluded that my injury was that the muscles I used to open my hands were too weak as compared with the ones which close them. He applied me a really painful massage and commanded me to play as much as I could.

Well, this is the only thing which has worked, when I had lost any hope. Now I still have pains, but weaker and I am able to play for hours. Maybe he can help you too. There goes the information:

Dr. Escudero
Sanatorio del Dr. Leon
Pza. Mariano de Cavia 3
Tlf. 433 29 48