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Patient Recommendation

Katie Morrison, RMT, NCTMB
Lickteig Chiropractic, SC
11649 N. Port Washington Rd.
Suite 100
Mequon, WI 53092
(262) 240-2273

Excellent for work on trigger points related to RSI.

Patient Recommendation

For Milwaukee area people I strongly recommend Dr. Jeffrey B. Gorelick, a specialist in Physical Rehabilitation, 2826 North 76th Street # 105, Wauwatosa WI 53213, (414) 771-2707 and also at 400 West Silver Spring drive #212, Milwaukee Wisconsin 53217 (414) 964-6666.

Hellerworker trained by Sharon Butler:

Mark Ensweiler, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner, Plover, WI - 715-345-0655

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Bettie Myers
2109 41st St.
Two Rivers, WI 54241

Patient Recommendation

"I am a computer programmer. I had a hand surgeon from University of Wisconsin do the surgery. Here is Dr Ablove's information: http://www.orthorehab.wisc.edu/Ortho/faculty/ablove.shtml I had surgery on both my left and right trigger thumbs - both hands at the same time. It was a 1\2 inch incision below the thumb to release the tendon. I didn't even need the pain meds very long. My hands were bandaged, but my other four fingers could move without pain or restriction. I took care of myself. The hardest thing was that I had to keep my hands and the bandages dry until the stitches came out 7 days later. So, this limited showering or washing my hair by myself. I just stuck around home. They did give me some plastic gloves to put over the bandages if I wanted to shower, but they weren't easy to use. I used them to shower the day I went back to get the stitches out. The incisions healed quickly. After two weeks it was difficult to even see where the incisions were."