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Patient Recommendation

Jeffrey Brown, Doctor of Chiropractic
Alexandria, Virginia (703) 370-5335

Patient Recommendation

I've been going to Paul Salbert, D.O. 5213 A Lyngate Court, Burke VA 22015. (703) 978-0050. He seems good so far, though it well probably be a while before I notice major changes with the tendonitis.

Also, I found this website for the Virginia Osteopathic Association:

Patient Recommendation

Peter Bower, M.D., Osteopath, 2200 Old Ivy Road, P.O. Box 5752,
Charlottesville, Virginia, 22905-5752, (804) 296-4160
Email: pbower @ virginia . edu
I noticed that the Virginia section did not list a very knowledgeable and fantastic doctor, only the 2nd doctor I have seen that understands my problem. I travelled all the way up to Virginia from Florida to see him. I had read his articles in 2 newsletters, online in the RSI Newsletter and also in the ARMS RSI Newsletter. His advice seemed to sum up my problem, so I took the plunge and saw him over the course of 2 appts/2 days. He provided me with an osteopathic adjustment and a very keen understanding and knowledge of my pain and trigger points. He is only the 2nd doctor that has been able to reproduce my pain exactly on physical examination. His name can be found in the newsletters mentioned above, and he also has a Home Page on the web at Whether local or travelling from afar, it is worth the visit to see Dr. Bower.

Patient Recommendation

If you are looking for a massage therapist in the Virginia area for your RSI, please check out the following web site:

I tried this therapist (Toni) one week ago and I am very impressed by the results.  She kept talking about the twists that she was finding in my connective tissue in my chest and my neck.  For the last one week, the persistent burning sensation in my chest is gone after only one session with her and my neck feels a lot better.  It might be a little too early to judge, but so far the results are fantastic.  So if you're a around here, and looking for some relief, she might be able to help. (I have no personal interest in promoting her business).

(She only does one hour sessions and charges $85 for one-hour, expensive but effective so far)

Patient Recommendation

Wellness/massage therapist -- Kay Schubert, Health Designs, 703.709.9199. She works out of her apartment, just off wylie Avenue in Reston. I don't know if she takes insurance, if you qualify for that. After seeing doctors and therapists for over a year, she showed me how I was using my hands incorrectly (I probably never would have gotten better without this knowledge).

Chiropractor -- Glenn Loebig, Loebig chiropractic, Great Falls, Virginia -- 703.757.5817. Glenn has adjusted my wrists many times, the bones in my wrist were out of alignment, and are slowly staying more in place, and of course were working on posture.

Rolfing Therapist -- Rich Goodstein, he is an advanced rolfer and he comes from California about once a month. His e-mail address is richrolf @ gmail . com. Rich has helped me achieve posture changes and provided many suggestions on dealing with my situation.

Doctor -- Dr. Margit Bleecker, Center for Occupational and Environmental Neurology (COEN), Baltimore, MD, - she specializes in RSI, and her therapist, Sherri Barnes, is extremely knowledgeable about RSI conditions. Dr. Bleecker recommended the nerve glide stretches and yoga as the only exercise I am to do with my hands, as these are the only things that have proved to be helpful.

Patient Recommendation

Trinity Physical Therapy, PC
10560 Main Street, Suite PH#9
Fairfax, VA 22030
Owned by Patrice Winter
Trinity has four physical therapist that provide myofascial treatment. All are very knowledgeable in RSI. All are able to pick up where the other has left off. They encourage rotation through the therapist so that each has the opportunity to provide input into solution. This is a wonderful facility. The therapist also work on postural correction, breathing, and functionality. The atmosphere is very relaxing and everyone is friendly and helpful. And they have Saturday hours!!

Ballston Location:
Hand-N-Hand Therapy, LLC
4141 North Henderson Road, Plaza Suite 8
Arlington , VA 22203
Phone 703-527-8446
FAX     703-527-1752     Email    info @ handnhandtherapy . com

Patient Recommendation

Sharon Gehrman, OTR, Occupational Therapist, Dominion Physical Therapy/ Franklin Clinic. She works mornings in Springfield office, afternoons in Herndon office. She is very experienced, and good at explaining better body postures, and how to exert force, and what positions/actions to avoid. The Franklin Clinic, 13350 Franklin Farm Rd, Suite 120,
Herndon, VA 22071 703-481-0222

Hellerworker trained by Sharon Butler:

Leesburg- Margie Hyer, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner. Ph: 703-777-6081

Patient Recommendation

Body Mechanics Physical Therapy
P.O. Box 4205 Leesburg, VA 20177
Currently located in a gym Bodywork's Health Club but may move to another location in Leesburg soon. PT has extensive post graduate course work on RSI, has good insight on arm use, ergonomics, recommendations for holistic care including diet, lifestyle suggestions. Treatment is a combination of hands on work, specialized exercises, movement education, neuromuscular reeducation. This PT worked closely with Dr. J. Balbus in DC for 2 years, and is now located about 45 minutes from Washington, DC--seeing both of these guys together is ideal. Awesome to be typing again due to this PT.
Patient Recommendation

I have seen two different people that have helped me with the RSI in both forearms. The Myofascial Pain Treatment Center in Springfield, run by Nancy Shaw, is where I was first introduced to Trigger Point Therapy and understanding how to begin undoing the damage to my arms. But the majority of my improvement (I would say I am 75 percent better) has been the result of seeing Dr. Tae Jong Oh, a chiropractor in Annandale.

Myofascial Pain Treatment Center
6810 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA 22150
(703) 922-8214

Primary Health Center
Dr. Tae Jong Oh
7258 Maple Place, Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 354-8111
It took a long time for me to recover since I was pregnant when I first began seeing Dr. Oh (pregnancy only antagonized all of the factors causing my RSI), but amazingly I did see progress while pregnant. Since my baby was born last March, I have seen a lot more improvement. To help you compare, I will tell you that when I began seeing Dr. Oh I could barely do anything--cut food, blow-dry my hair, sweep, push a stroller (never mind typing!). My husband had to take time off of work to stay home and take care of our first child, while I tried to rest. I could not hold my baby without terrible pain in my arms. I was using voice recognition software at that time, but now I can check and write emails and work for a couple hours at time on the computer before my symptoms begin showing up again. I can carry my daughter and care for her in all the ways that I was unable to do with my son. Nancy Shaw and Dr. Oh are colleagues, so don't be surprised of one refers you to the other. She specializes more in the muscle work, while he works with all aspects of the body.
Patient Recommendation

I heard of this guy from my neighbor-paramedic who recommended him for his professionalism/intelligence/competence/and personalbility. He is a full MD who was trained in acupuncture in CA. Price was around $80 per visit, double for initial visit. He is extremely respectul and nice, and professionally reassuring.

Dr, Richard Steinberg, MD
Diplomate, Amer. Board of Emer. Med.
Licensed Med Acupuncturist
8075 Leesburg Pike, Suite 780
Vienna VA 22182
(703) 556-4491

Patient Recommendation

Thomas Sheppler, MD (arm surgeon who doesn't do surgery unless necessary)
Vienna, Virginia
(703) 242-6363

Patient Recommendation

Dr Jeffrey Kamper, Chriopratic
Woodbridge, Va  22192
This as a great group and professinals who really care and help in the
treatment in carpal tunnel.  Dr. Kamper gave me more support and
professional advice (special diets, excercise, and vitamins).
He would also write doctors note: limiting your duties at work. This office
will even call you at home to see how you were doing