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Hellerworker trained by Sharon Butler:

Leslie Larson, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner Montreal, Quebec 514-483-1962 During our discussions and bodywork I found Leslie to be both knowledgable and articulate. His understanding of anatomy and his ability to explain it in simple terms helped me to visualize how various muscles, tendons and nerves affect one another. Consequently I am better able to release tension from the soft tissue. I am also impressed by Leslie's commitment to his clients. He calls a day or two after each session to ensure that everything is 'ok'. He makes sure I'm not pushing myself and if necessary we make modifications to the stretches I am doing. During our work Leslie stresses that I am in control of what is happening - if at any time I experience too much pain just let him know. This theme that I am in control and that I have to take responsibility for my healing (because no one else will do it for me) is what impresses me most about Hellerwork.

I know a practitioner in Montreal, Louise Tremblay. Her number is 514-849-8909. Her email is lesmainsbowen @ videotron . ca

Her website is She is a great practitioner and I personally recommend her. I have known her for about 3 years.

Check to look at the work and there is a page for referrals for Canada.

Patient Recommendation

After 9 or 10 different doctors (you have to be aggressive, keep going to different ones if you're not satisfied, or if they tell you outright they don't know anything more to do), my last referral seems to have struck gold. My plastic surgeon recommended I see Dr. Fitzcharles (Rheumatologist). She's quick, innovative, and manages to diagnose the most mysterious ailments. After 5 minutes she spotted an abnormality no other doctor had noticed - it's very rare, and x-rays the next day confirmed she was right, in my case. I have an extra rib, which compresses circulation and promotes tendonitis and carpal tunnel. If you want to give her a try, she's moving to the Montreal General Hospital in January, and I recommend her highly.

Patient Recommendation

... thought i'd give you info about a couple of hcp in montreal who have REALLY helped me in recovering from rsi.

Dr. Monique Isler
520 Verdun Ave.
Verdun, PQ
The health and safety officer at mcgill univ recommends her to univ employees with rsi problems. she's great. she takes the time and she knows her stuff. she's also bilingual - very important in this province. she, and hence her recommendations, are very highly regarded by the workers' comp board in the province (CSST). thankfully in my situation, she was the first md i saw about my problem and so i did not have to run around trying to find a doctor who knew about rsi injuries. i was lucky.

Lorraine Casavant-Gagne
McGill Sports Medicine Clinic
475 Pine Ave West
Montreal, PQ
H2W 1S4
Lorraine is amazing. she practices japanese acupuncture (as opposed to chinese). i'd try to explain the difference but too much typing involved. anyway, she's excellent. she really understands chronic pain and what it's like to live with it (she was in a horrible car accident years ago, eventually had acupuncture, it helped with the pain and so she decided to become trained. she really cares about her patients. she too is bilingual. she works at the sports med clinic on mondays only from sept to april. she has her own clinic in Sorel, QC which is open all year round but i don't have the address or phone #. i would definitely recommend her to ANYONE with any kind of chronic pain.