New Hampshire
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Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Jane Sawyer
Myotherapy of Monadnock
Rt. 124 at Silver Ranch
Jaffrey, NH 03452
Extended stay myotherapy available 1 to 5 days in caring, comfortable country surroundings.

Patient Recommendation

WorkRite Medical Associates
427-3 Amherst St. Suite 265
Nashua, NH 03063
Phone/FAX (603) 672-2214
They have both Physical Therpists and Occupational Therapists (with Hand Therapy certification) on staff. The company has a superb reputation for successful management of repetitive stress injuries.

Patient Recommendation

Have received excellent care for Carpal Tunnel from:
Dr. Malek
Christina Tebo
Occupational Health Solutions of New England
26 Manchester Square
Pease Tradeport
601 Spaulding Turnpike, Unit #19
Portsmouth NH 03801 Phone (603)430-9675 Fax (603) 334-6088

Patient Recommendation

My doctor is fantastic. He is considered a "insurance doctor", but he has helped me when others had written me off.

Steven Brown, MD
18 Constitution Drive
Bedford, NH 03110 telephone 603-471-1634.  

He is patient, understanding of the pain of these injuries, and a very good surgeon. He has done two surgeries on my right wrist and elbow. I would highly recommend anyone who suffers from RSI. He is a plastic surgeon and hand specialist. Also, for hand therapy, my therapist is the best. She is compassionate, caring, and willing to try whatever is necessary to ease your pain.
Monica Labrie
Dover Rehab.
Plaza Drive
Dover, NH 03820 (603) 749-9000
This is a rehab center/nursing home, but they take outpatients and have all the equipment necessary for these types of injuries.

. . . mI have multiple crust neuropathies of both upper extremities. Dr Brown has been most patient, compassionate and understanding in the 2 years he has been treating me. Suzanne Boisclair, OT CHT at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center at 18 Constitution Drive, Bedford, NH 03110 telephone 603-472-3673 has been my occupational therapist for the last two years helping me to regain strength, mobility and keep my spirits up as well. Suzanne and Dr. Brown work together very closely and together are a fantastic team for people with RSI injuries.

Patient Recommendation

Dr. John T. Wolf
30 Canton St.
Manchester, NH
(603) 623-5434

Dr. Wolf is the best doctor I've ever had.  He is a Board Certified Plastic
Surgeon and Hand Specialist.  I had carpal tunnel, epicondylitis, tendinitis and
a neck problem.  Dr. Wolf tried several therapies before deciding on carpal
tunnel surgery.  He sent me for tests and referred me to a physiatrist for my
neck problem.  (In other words:  he isn't knife happy!)  He was very helpful
with dealing with my employer (worker's comp).  He didn't send me back to work
until he knew I was ready.  He's the most compassionate doctor I've ever had and
he really cares about his patients.  I had my surgery in 1994 and the carpal
tunnel hasn't returned.  I have had occasional flare ups of the epicondylitis
but with physical therapy, exercises and stretches have managed to keep my job
as a secretary manageable.   I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend him to
anyone with RSI's.    I also would like to recommend my Occupational Hand
Therapist, Lynn Heller.

Lynn Heller
HealthSouth Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center
505 W. Hollis St.
Nashua, NH   03062
(603) 886-2710