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PASIG Affiliate

Institute of Orthopaedic Sports and Dance Rehabiliation 
D. Keith Kleven, MS, RPT, ATC
3650 South Eastern, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: (702) 731-0831
Fax: (702) 737-9697
Available: Clinic; Screening/prevention/education; On-site
Requirements: Based on experience and education

Patient Recommendation

I am writing a letter regarding Terry Wright, D.C.. I have recently been treated for my carpal tunnel syndrome with amazing success by Terry Wright, D.C. On my first visit, he explained the anatomy pertaining to my situation as well as preventative ergonomics.

At the time of my first visit, I was waking up 8-10 times a night with numbness and discomfort in my hands and wrists. I rock climb, kayak and mountain bike and was almost continuously experiencing numbness and loss of strength during these activities. After eight treatments, combined with home stretches which he taught me, I found that my symptoms had all but disappeared. I was experiencing numbness in my hands maybe 2-3 times a week instead of 8-10 times a night, and my grip strength had gone up from 90 to 120.

One of the techniques he used to work with the nerve entrapment sites is called the Active Release Technique. This technique I learned is relatively new, and is very effective when treating repetitive sports and occupation injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. He is currently the only doctor in the state of Nevada certified in this technique. Dr. Wright is very professional, thorough, and personable. I recommend him highly, he has helped me a great deal.

His address:

Terry Wright
Chiropractic Physician
3650 S. Virginia, Suite K-1
Reno, NV, 89509

Phone/fax number: 702-829-7575