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Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Gayle Feibel
Myotherapy Clinic of Louisiana
P. O. Box 508
Homer, LA 71040

Patient Recommendation

In the New Orleans area, Rodney Erickson, Licensed Massage Therapist (Licensed Massage Therapist), helped me recover from a painful and limiting bout with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Rodney is familiar with myofascial massage, trigger point work, deep tissue, etc. He was the first and only health care practitioner who actually offered me advice on how I could alter my behavior (mainly stretching and postural changes) to speed my recovery and avoid further injury. Rodney can be reached at (504) 861-8000.

AOEC Member

Ochsner Center for Occupational Health
1514 Jefferson Highway Clinic Founded 1952
New Orleans, Louisiana 70121

AOEC Contact: Douglas A. Swift, MD, MSPH 504-842-3955 FAX 504-842-3977

Patient Recommendation

Dr. Waddell is great!!! My first and hopefully only surgery a total ACL Reconstruction and Cartlige Replacement is a success.... and i have no scares from the surgery.... lot of pain then and memories of 29 staples and 19 stitches.... but its over... i would like to suggest Dr Waddell w/ Orthopedic Specialist of Louisiana in Shreveport, LA, General Othopedics, Arthiscopic Surgery, Micro Vascular Surgery, Foot Surgery, Sports Medicine, Telephone number: 318-635-3052.