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Patient Recommendation

Dr. Mitch Malley - Davenport, IA. He can help you.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist

Michael Fleischman
Diana Fleischman
Midwest Myotherapy
1938 Kelp Ave.
Fairfield, IA 52556

AOEC Member

University of Iowa, Occupational Medicine Clinic
T304, GH
Dept. Internal Medicine - College of Medicine
200 Hawkins Drive Clinic Founded 1981
Iowa City, Iowa 52242

AOEC Contact: David Schwartz, MD, MPH 319-356-8269 FAX 319-353-8973 Emma Rosenau, MPH 319-353-8344

There's a Workers' Health Clinic in the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, which offers physical rehabilitation and works with patients from agricultural & manufacturing industries in Iowa. The contact given on the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics list is David Schwartz, (319) 356-8269, fax (319) 353-6406. The AOEC is an interesting organization, with a Patient's Bill of Rights in every waiting room, and a pledge to help patients deal with all the bureaucracies involved with occupational illness, such as Workers' Comp. Even if you can't go to Dr Schwartz, you might phone or fax & ask for advice and/or a local referral--for a WC advocate, as well as for medical help. Also, you might check the Yellow Pages for a chiropractor or osteopath; sometimes the listing even specifies that the DC or DO works with work-related injuries.