District of Columbia
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AOEC Member

John M. Balbus, MD, MPH
Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Washington Hospital Center
110 Irving Street, N.W.  Suite EB-1114
Washington, DC  20010-2975
phone: (202) 877-5466   fax (202) 877-4136

I'm still an AOEC member, and working with Dr. Laura Welch, a co-founder of

Patient Recommendation

Yes, I have been going to Dr. Balbus at George Washington University. (202/ 994-1734) He is a doctor of occupational medicine and I believe the bulk of his patients are RSI. He sent me to Hand-in-Hand Therapy in Arlington for PT. (703/ 527-8446) I've made more progress in the last three weeks than have in a year.

Patient Recommendation

the Feldenkrais method, which teaches people to breathe/stand/sit/move in a non-straining fashion. My instructor is Steven Shafarman. Steven has been the assistant of Moshe Feldenkrais, the creator of the method himself. Steven is now available for group classes, which is much more affordable ($20 a session as opposed to $100 individual, $160 for ten classes). And first class is free. I strongly recommend Feldenkrais method to people who think they can do better in terms of their awareness/efficient use of their body. For more information, call Steve Shafarman at 202-638-4200.