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Patient Recommendation

Greg Webb: Registered Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor Tel (403) 294-1999 Pager (403) 260-9919 Therapeutic Massage Touch for Health Specialized Kinesiologies Assisted Stretching HYPERTON-X (Calgary, Alberta CA) On a recent trip to Calgary I was lucky enough to work with Greg for 1 week. During the course of a week, using non-traditional and traditional techniques (listed below) Greg decreased my daily pain level and restored tremendous range of motion to both my hands (I can now flex my left hand almost 25 degrees more than I could two weeks ago). Upon my return to Ontario last week I almost sent my Physical Therapist into shock! :) I am now attempting to move to Calgary so that I can work for an extended period of time with Greg Webb. I feel I owe it to myself to rediscover pain free living! I am now 26 and thanks to Greg I feel that there is hope for a happier more active future.

Patient Recommendation

I have been meaning to send along some information about Calgary practitioners. Here are my recommendations:

Dr Brendan Adams, #206, 1010 1 Ave NE, Calgary, 269-5323 Occupational physician, works with Northern Telecom, strongly opposed to surgery, has assembled a team for referrals, covered by Alberta Health Care

Greg Hart, kinesiologist, Human Effort Inc, #228, 200 Barclay Parade SW (Eau Claire Market) but planning to move in fall 1998, 215-4442, works mainly with third-party insurers such as Workers' Comp, has assembled a team of practitioners for referral, hopes to have them all practicing out of one central building soon

Janice Charnstrom, massage therapist, Wild Rose Wholistic Clinic Inc, #400, 1228 Kensington Rd NW, 270-0891, diploma from BC reflects 2500 hours of training, teaches at Foothills Massage Therapy School, listens carefully & takes thorough history, massage goes deep, gives good wrist traction, $30 half hour, $50/hr (1998 rates)

AOEC Member

Occupational Medicine Consultation Clinic
University of Alberta
Department of Public Health Sciences
13-103 Clinical Science Bldg.
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2G3

AOEC Contacts: Dr. Chang 403-492-7849 FAX 403-492-0364

Edmonton is home to an AOEC clinic formerly headed by Dr Tee Guidotti, who wrote a definitive article about RSI for the American Physician magazine. The clinic still lists musculoskeletal injuries as a specialty. It's attached to the U of A hospital. See:   and

Occupational Health Program
University of Alberta

Occupational Health Program
Department of Public Health Sciences
#402 College Plaza, 8215-112 Street.
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2G3


(780) 492-6291
Fax: (780) 492-9677

Clinic Founded 1984

AOEC Contacts :

Nicola Cherry, MD PhD, FRCP
(780) 492-1366 FAX (780) 492-9677

Jeremy Beach, MD, FFOM, FRCP
(780) 492-6291 FAX: 780-492-9677

Harold Hoffman, MD, CCFP, FRCPC
(780) 439-9491 FAX: 780-439-9091
Clinic Description The Occupational Medicine Consultation Clinic is located within the University of Alberta Hospital, site of the Capital Health Authority. The Occupational Health Consultation Clinic is a medical clinic for the diagnosis and evaluation of health problems suspected of being due to exposures or injuries at work or in the environment, and assessing the impact of health problems on fitness for work. The clinic is staffed by physicians with formal training in occupational medicine, under the direction of experienced consultants in the specialty. The Clinic is also used as an opportunity to train physicians in occupational medicine. It is the principal clinical activity of the Occupational Health Program of the University of Alberta - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, which is dedicated to research, education, and service in occupational health. Most Common Diagnoses Seen at Clinic

Myosymmetries International Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a privately-owned, nonmedical, multidisciplinary, pain treatment clinic specializing in the application of integrated psychological, massage and physical therapies to the treatment of persons with chronic musculoskeletal pain resulting from either traumatic or repetitive strain injuries and who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. We are Canadian pioneers in the application of a combination of EEG neurotherapy and specialized myofascial pain physical therapies, including sEMG neuromuscular retraining, to successfully treat FMS/CFS. Also we treat headaches.

Myosymmetries International (Edmonton) Inc.
Phone: (780) 483-8542
Fax:  (780) 483-8691
web site: